Friday, August 28, 2015

27 Aug – MCX NCDEX Tips Today | Best Calls Commodity

Good Noon!! Markets weakened for most Agri Commodities yesterday as lack of trading activities keep sentiments weak.

NCDEX Chana, NCDEX Guar, Spices and Oil complex trade down after the recent recovery as traders waited for some dips before initiating fresh demand in the mandis.

After strong recovery in Chana before few day, NCDEX Chana failed to hold on to the higher levels as demand was not sustained at these higher rates.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

26 Aug – Free MCX NCDEX Calls | Best Commodity Market Tips

Hello Traders and Investors!!

Today, Bullion counter may extend yesterday losses on profit booking at higher levels. Meanwhile stronger local currency rupee may also keep the prices under pressure. MCX Gold can move in range of 26500 27000 and Silver can move in range of 34000-35000 in MCX, At the Multi Commodity Exchange, crude oil prices rose 1.5 per cent to Rs 2646 per barrel level. 

MCX Commodity market debut MCX silver declined yesterday , it declined by 0.56 percent and is trading at Rs 34 640 perkg . 1 per cent of the natural gas is being high. China's rate cut despite the decline in the domestic market of base metals is not see at strong zone. In all , about 0.4 per cent on MCX metal is under pressure. Mentha oil gained 0.32 cent and tarded at Rs 976 per kg.

Most of Agri commodities business Today , most agricultural commodities in the domestic futures market is trading in red. NCDEX soybean prices is under pressure with 0.5 per cent fall trading at Rs 3135 per quintal. 

Refined oil prices slipped to 0.38 percent. While NCDEX Coriander prices have been fell 0.7 per cent, traded at Rs 10798 per quintal. 

Free MCX NCDEX Calls

SELL NCDEX SoyaOil, Trend- Sideways to Bullish, Pivot - 574 , Point - S1 570 / R1 578   

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Free NCDEX Tips Today , Best commodity calls Live

Today , most of the domestic futures market in agricultural commodities are traded on the green .

NCDEX soybean Prices 1 per cent to Rs 3144 per quintal has come up with. Refined oil prices gained 0.46 percent , while coriander seeing prices has seemed the 3 per cent upper circuit .

The turmeric , mustard , cumin and chickpea are gained. 

NCDEX Tips Today

Best commodity calls Live Today :

NCDEX Turmeric Sep Future BUY at 8040, TGT-1/TGT- 2 - 8320/ 0, SL - 7940  

NCDEX Jeera Sep Future SELL at 16000, TGT-1/TGT- 2 - 15600/ 0, SL-16200  

NCDEX Chana Sep Future BUY at 4740 TGT-1/TGT- 2 - 4790/ 4840, SL-4690

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25 aug - MCX GOLD, SILVER, CrudeOil Trading Tips

Yesterday, the first trading session of the week in the stock market slump in the market was a sharp decline in commodity market. The same day in most commodity slight pressure is being witnessed.

In commodity markets , crude oil prices and a half good half -year lows , copper and aluminum has slipped to 6 -year low. Although, today modest appreciation is seen in the rupee against the dollar. In the domestic market , MCX gold is trading with a slight drop of 0.68 percent. 

MCX silver prices looks subdues strong decline, with a fall of 0.05 per cent to Rs 35,400 per kg on doing business. While MCX crude oil prices slipped nearly 1 per barrel has come down to Rs 2601.

0.73 per cent of the natural gas being . Copper traded flat today seems. Monday's session in the nickel prices fell nearly 6 percent was the highest.

MCX Nickel prices fell by 0.09 per cent level is at 639.10 . Although gold prices by 0.66 per cent to Rs 27265 per ten gram , with pressure is reached .

Monday, August 24, 2015

Commodity Online Trading Calls Today : 24 Aug | Gold Silver Tips

Market slump in Stock Market, Commodity Market at massive fall. MCX Crude prices is at 6 ½ year low, MCX Copper and MCX Aluminum has slipped to 6-year low.

Rupee eased against the dollar in the domestic market, MCX Gold Prices is trading with modest gains. The heavy selling in China's market share is expected to drop in demand for crude oil and metals.

This fall in prices has been recorded. MCX silver with 0.93 percent is trading at Rs 35,865 per kg. While crude oil prices slipped 1.42 percent to Rs 2646 per barrel has come. While natural gas is being 1.12 per cent. Copper fell by 2.32 per cent to Rs 329.90 per kg fell.

MCX Nickel prices have declined the most. MCX Nickel prices fell by 3.38 per cent level is at 651.50. However, with gold prices rose marginally to 0.10 per cent, to Rs 27265 per ten grams is reached.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Crude below $ 40 for the first time since 2009 : 22 Aug | MCX NCDEX Tips

US crude below $ 40 a barrel for the first time since 2009. WTI crude prices slipped more than 2 percent on Friday is closed . Over- supply and weak Chinese manufacturing data in the US crude prices since 1986, the longest weekly decline.

For the first time since 1986, when the US oil market is in decline for so long. US crude oil prices in the last eight weeks have been reduced by 33 per cent. In the past six and a half year it is the largest decline in the crude oil sector.

mcx tips

Brent oil price also fell by 2.75 per cent and 45.33 per barrel it is. During the last trading session at $ 39.86 per barrel WTI crude prices slipped. For the first time since 2009. Crude prices have fallen to $ 40 a barrel.

Commodity MCX NCDEX Experts told in the coming day Prices may get again fall. As a result, the coming days, the petrol , diesel and LPG prices may be cut.

Sell Gold Oct between 28050 and 28150 and maintain stop loss above28400. We can see the targets around 27600 and 27200 

Buy Crude Oil Sep above 5700 and maintain stop loss below 5630. We can see thetargets around 5790 and 5850

Saturday, August 22, 2015

NCDEX Updates for today : 22 Aug || Free Commodity Tips


Coriander seed , cumin seed , soybean , mustard , refined oil are all gained.

The turmeric and NCDEX Chana prices fell on profit. 

NCDEX Castor seed gained 0.40 per cent to Rs 4109 per quintal reached. The guar gum with 2 per cent is trading at 8120 per quintal.

NCDEX Commodity Tips

NCDEX Soybean prices rose 0.60 per cent to Rs 3,143 per quintal. Maize trading range for the day is 1321-1355.

Maize prices gained as field reports from an annual crop tour suggested the country's output may be lower than predicted by the USDA.

Free NCDEX Tips Today : 

BUY NCDEX Turmeric at 7950, S L – 7820, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 8200/ 0 

SELL NCDEX Chana at 4720, S L – 4772, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 4620/ 0 


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Gold shone,crude fell : 21 Aug | MCX LIVE CALLS

Hello Readers!!! 

Global Market prices are increasing because of it MCX GOLD in the domestic market is increased and once again reached across 27,000 per ten gram.

Domestic stock market and the rupee declined strongly in manufacturing in China at a speed of six and a half year low for the safe investment demand for gold has increased.
mcx live calls

But crude oil prices continue to fall . Global crude demand is likely to slow the decline in crude . The base metals have fallen sharply . Agri commodities when most commodity boom is seeing.

MCX gold sharply decline with 1.50 percent at Rs 27 249 per 10 gm. 

While silver prices rose 1.27 percent to Rs 36770 per kg has been reached. Although crude fell by 1.30 per cent to Rs 2718 per barrel.

The prospect of stimulus packages in China and are the base metals gained. Weakness is seen in Metals 0.70 per cent from 0.30.


BUY MCX CrudeOil at 2715, SL - 2670, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 2785/ 0 
BUY MCX Silver at 36450, SL -36100, TGT- 1 / TGT-36980/ 0

Thursday, August 20, 2015



Today, Gold prices in the international markets, pressure is being witnessed , while domestic industrial offtake , SILVER bullion market today slipped to Rs 650 per kg is at 35300.

While the MCX GOLD standard with a marginal gain of Rs 25 per ten grams to Rs 26335 is traded. Gold prices continue to rally ten consecutive trading days. 

Where as OIL markets opened up weak on Thursday following sharp falls the previous session, with US contracts. The bearish sentiment is also seen in the long-term derivatives market.

free mcx ncdex tips


Free MCX NCDEX Calls Today : 

BUY MCX GOLD at 26110, SL – 25977, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 -26317/ 0 

BUY MCX SILVER at 35230, SL – 34810, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 36035/ 0 

BUY NCDEX TURMERIC at 7945, SL- 7870, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 8115/ 0


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Gold, Silver Opened Weak : 19 Aug || MCX Bullion Tips || NCDEX Calls

Domestic Market of Gold, Silver, CrudeOil,base metals opened with Weak Note. MCX gold with 0.20 per cent at Rs 25 956 per 10 grams trades . While silver prices fell 0.15 per cent to Rs 34 750 per kg has come down . Tuesday after the strong rally today is seeing a slight decline in crude oil . In terms of base metals copper , lead , zinc , including the trade in red . 

NCDEX soybean declined 0.55 percent to Rs 3144 per quintal trades. The refined oil is also 0.10 per cent looks weak. While chana 4787 per quintal, with a gain of 1.21 percent is reached today. 

Guar gum with 1.63 per cent to Rs 8,100 per quintal is trading around. Guar seed have risen to 1.43 percent. NCDEX Jeera sharply with 1.80 per cent at 16 230 per quintal. 


NCDEX Jeera ( September futures ) Buy 16,350 to 16,370 , the target 16670 , 16150 stoploss 
NCDEX Chana ( September futures ) 4768-4772 Buy , Target 4840 , stoploss 4720 
NCDEX Castor seed ( September futures ) 4127-4133 Buy , Target 4200 , stoploss 4080

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Best Commodity Call for Today : 14 Aug || MCX NCDEX Tips || GOLD SILVER Tips

MCX gold - silver and crude oil is beginning to weaken. While fears of a fall in demand from China due to the prices of base metals have broken. While most agri commodity is trading with gains.

MCX gold declined by 0.25 percent to Rs 25 830 per 10 grams level, is trading at. While silver slipped 0.20 per cent to Rs 35 936 per kg has occurred. Crude weakened by 0.70 percent, while the barrel is around Rs 2740. Copper August futures trading at 0.35 per cent fall to Rs 338.70. Aluminium 0.20 percent, 0.22 percent lead and 0.25 percent zinc has declined.

After Thursday's decline todayAgri commodities is trading with mostly gains. NCDEX Chana gained 0.57 per cent to Rs 4574 per quintal reached.

Mustard 0.41 per cent , 0.72 per cent of refined oil and soybean are trading with a gain of 0.80 percent. On coriander seems.While NCDEX cumin and NCDEX turmeric is seeing faster .

MCX Gold (Oct futures ) Buy 25 800 target from 25,980 to 26,180 , stoploss 25 620

NCDEX Soybean (Oct futures ) Sell 3150 , target 3110-3070 , stoploss 3190

NCDEX Turmeric (Sept. futures ) Buy 7350 target 7520-7700 , stoploss 7150

Friday, August 14, 2015

NCDEX Tips for Chana, Soyabean, Turmeric : 13 Aug | Commodity Market updates

Castors on the NCDEX , guar seeds and all but fell Agri commodities are traded .

<<<<<  NCDEX Chana August Futures prices declined by 0.66 per cent to Rs 4486 per quintal doing business. NCDEX accredited warehouses chana stocks dropped by 4662 tonnes to 127481 tonnes.  >>>>>

ncdex chana tips

The mustard 0.10 per cent to Rs 4174 per quintal , with weakness on .Refined oil 0.50 percent and soybean prices declined 1.6 percent strongly . Soyabean trading range for the day is 3055-3161.

NCDEX Soyabean prices dropped on weak demand for Indian soymeal in export market due to its higher prices.

NCDEX Turmeric trading range for the day is 7116-7600.Turmeric prices ended with losses due to heavy arrivals of the commodity from major producing belts.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Gold Silver Fell : 13 Aug | Tips Best Commodity | Free MCX Bullion

Hello Traders and Investor!!!

Thursday Morning after decline in the MCX Bullion, Metals and Energy are also seen in the Negative Note. MCX gold-silver open with strong declines. 

The drop in demand from China and a rise in the dollar price of crude harvest has been firmly. While China's growing concern Besmetls prices declined more than 1 percent being. Gold prices in the international market remains at the upper level of three weeks.

mcx bullion tips

MCX gold with 0.50 per cent at Rs 25 890 per 10 grams is doing business . While MCX silver prices fell 0.80 per cent to Rs 35 798 per kg is trading .

MCX Copper 0.90 per cent , 0.68 per cent in aluminum and lead prices are seeing a decline of 0.70 per cent. Zinc has been the weakness of the highest 1 per cent.

MCX Gold Tips is BUY for the Day at 25850-25830, S L – 25600, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 26130/ 0

Best Commodity NCDEX Tips || NCDEX Chana Live Updates

Weak monsoon likely impact on Kharif crops Agri commodities in the futures market declined strongly. 

NCDEX Chana 0.44 per cent to Rs 4471 per quintal, with weakness doing business. While turmeric and coriander prices are seeing a fall of nearly 1 per cent. 

Sowing due to higher NCDEX Soybean prices have slipped 1 percent. Although the rupee Refined Oil is trading with gains.

Commodity NCDEX Tips :

BUY NCDEX Chana at 4490, S L – 4445, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 4565/ 0
BUY NCDEX Turmeric at 7350,S L – 7270, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 7560/ 0

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Gold Silver Tips Today : 12 Aug || MCX Bullion Tips || MCX Crudeoil Updates

Due to the fall in the rupee against the dollar gold price rise is seeing. Although strongly declining base metals prices, silver is trading with lethargy. China due to fears of a fall in demand from the domestic market prices of metals on MCX has slipped more than 2 percent.

While MCX CrudeOil recovery returned today after Tuesday's steep declines. The Agri is seeing a decline in commodity prices strongly. 

Gold silver tips

MCX gold with 0.72 per cent at Rs 25 610 per 10 grams level, is trading at . Rs 35 388 per kg while silver is grossly . While copper has moved 0.95 per cent fall to Rs 329.25.

While Brent crude prices slipped 0.67 cent to 48.85 per dollar has come . MCX crude in the international market slump weakened 3.22 percent on Tuesday and closed at 2768 per barrel.

Gold Silver Tips : 
BUY MCX Gold at 25250, S L – 25100, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 25400/ 25550 
BUY MCX Silver at 34700, S L – 34400, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 35100/ 35600 
BUY MCX Crudeoil at 2860, S L – 2820, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 2920/ 2970

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Commodity Best Tips Today : 11 Aug || NCDEX Tips || Gold Silver Tips

Due to the slowdown in the international market MCX silver MCX gold start with weak note. Strong decline in MCX Crudeoil is seen. Gold is maintaining the bearish trend for both short term and intraday.

Short term support for MCX Gold October contract is found at 24500 with a possible resistance at 25000. Intraday support is at 24580 with resistance at 24850 levels.Short term support for MCX Gold October contract is found at 24500 with a possible resistance at 25000. Intraday support is at 24580 with resistance at 24850 levels.

In terms of the Agri commodities prices due to monsoon has accelerated the pace would slow. NCDEX Turmeric and NCDEX Mustard is trading with gains. Prices of NCDEX Chana August Futures surged 1.45 per cent to Rs 4420 per quintal has risen.

The NCDEX coriander with 0.66 per cent to Rs 10564 per quintal is on. Mustard prices declined by 0.54 percent. While soybean and refined oil has dropped 0.45 per cent .

Commodity best Tips: 

BUY MCX Gold at 25020 at SL-24900, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 25170/ 25350 
BUY NCDEX Chana at 3090 at S L – 3060, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 3120/ 3156

Best Calls for commodity Market today : : 10 Aug || NCDEX Commodity Tips

Due to the slowdown in the international market weak start of MCX silver MCX gold started. The drop in demand and over- supply of crude is seeing a decline in prices strongly. However, the introduction of natural gas is higher . While the base metals business is mixed. In terms of the Agri commodities prices due to monsoon has accelerated the pace would be slow.

MCX gold fell 0.06 percent, at 24 880 rupees per 10 grams, While silver prices fell marginally to Rs 34 008 per kg has occurred. While crude prices slipped 1.25 per cent to Rs 2790 is bottom of the barrel, On all metals except copper green.

ncdex commodity tips

Where as in the Agri Commodity Market, NCDEX turmeric and NCDEX mustard are trading with gains. Prices of NCDEX Chana August Futures surged 1.45 per cent to Rs 4420 per quintal has risen .

The NCDEX coriander with 0.66 per cent to Rs 10564 per quintal is on . Mustard prices declined by 0.54 percent. While soybean and refined oil has dropped 0.45 per cent .

NCDEX Commodity Tips : 

NCDEX Chana (Sept. futures ) Buy 4412 target 4490 , stoploss 4362

NCDEX Soybean (Sept. futures ) 3108-3113 Sell , target 3040 , stoploss 3145

NCDEX Castor seed (Sept. futures ) 4036-4040 Sell , target 3980 , stoploss 4090 


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Agri Commodity Market Prices fall 15% || Free MCX NCDEX Tips

Due to better rain good sowing of Kharif crops is seen in the Country and impat of supply over demand is on Agri commodity prices.

Country in all major commodity prices have fallen by 34 per cent in the last 60. 
Most fall guar , coriander and soybean prices have been recorded. Their prices have fallen between 20 and 34 per cent.

Global demand is higher than supply. Commodity stock as well as many more.

This caused further pressure on Agri.commodity prices. Especially, coriander and cumin may fall 10-15 per cent in the coming days..

NCDEX Commodity Tips

Friday, August 7, 2015

NCDEX Soyabean Updates : 7 Aug || NCDEX Tips

In Agri Commodity Market, NCDEX Jeera is trading strongly with 0.40 per cent at Rs 14 580 per quintal. The NCDEX coriander prices rose 0.60 per cent , the price is Rs 10,150 per quintal.

NCDEX Turmeric prices also gained 0.60 per cent . The NCDEX mustard with 0.55 per cent at Rs 4080 per quintal doing business . While NCDEX soybean Updates, prices fell 0.85 per cent

NCDEX Soyabean Tips

NCDEX Tips Today : 

NCDEX Cardamom (August futures ) 778-782 Sell , target 755-750 , stoploss 800

NCDEX Gram (Sept. futures ) 4365-4375 Sell , target 4290-4280 , stoploss 4410

NCDEX Soybean (Oct futures ) Sell 3100 , target 3065-3020 , stoploss 3140

NCDEX Cumin (Sept. futures ) Sell 14850 , target 14,720 to 14,600 , stoploss 14 980

NCDEX MenthaOil (August futures Buy) 903 , target 916-928 , stoploss 890

Free MCX Bullion Tips Today – 7 Aug || Gold Silver Tips

MCX Gold prices in the international market remains at five and a half year low . The impact on the domestic market showing and 0.15 per cent on MCX gold and silver open with osteoporosis.

Although the recovery in crude oil prices has returned. In terms of the Besmetls demand from China is likely to drop down to do business with. Second hand Agri commodities oil pack is in the red . While trading with spices is fast.

MCX gold with the weakness of 0.15 per cent is trading at 24,752 rupees per 10 grams. While silver prices slipped 0.15 per cent has slipped below 33,650 per kg . Copper 0.50 per cent to Rs 329.60 with Besmetls weakness came on . Lead, zinc and nickel declined by 0.30 per cent .

MCX Bullion Tips

MCX Gold at five and a half year low : 

US jobs data before gold and silver are trading with a fall in the international market. Comaks gold fell 0.20 per cent at 1087, which is five and a half year low. Also this week, which will significantly seventh decline in gold prices can be. While silver declined by 0.18 per cent to $ 14.65 per ounce is trading at.

The largest drop in Crude, This Year : 

Six -month low on Thursday after sliding, It is seen a recovery in crude oil prices today. Brent crude prices rose nearly 0.60 percent, reached 50 dollars a barrel is very close.This week crude prices have declined by about 5 per cent , which is the biggest fall of the year.


Gold Silver Tips :

MCX Zinc (August futures ) Sell 119.90 to 120 , target 118 to 117.80 , stoploss 121

MCX Gold (Oct futures ) Sell 24,850 to 24,900 , 24,650 to 24,620 goal , stoploss 25000


MCX Bullion Market Today : 6 Aug || NCDEX Tips

Hello Readers !!!

MCX gold with the weakness of 0.08 per cent is trading at 24 656 rupees per 10 grams . 33 466 per kg while silver is grossly prices . While crude oil with 0.10 per cent in 2891 reached Rs . Natural gas prices declined 1.50 per cent being strongly . In terms of Besmetls is 0.15 to 0.85 per cent .

** NCDEX commodities is red **


On Wednesday, 15 percent more rainfall than normal in the country. Due to this Agri commodities is seeing heavy selling. Gram with 0.60 per cent at Rs 4438 per quintal doing business.

<<<< NCDEX Coriander prices slipped 1 per cent to Rs 10 419 per quintal has moved on  >>>

The cumin 1 per 14 685 per Klintl and is vulnerable.

Turmeric is trading with losses. Mustard, soybean and refined oil prices declined by 0.32 per cent to 0.85 per cent.

NCDEX Tips : 

NCDEX Chana Tips ( September futures ) today is Sell between 4465-4470 , target- 4410 , stoploss - 4500 

NCDEX turmeric ( August futures ) 7210-7220 Sell , target 7050 , stoploss 7304 

NCDEX Castor seed ( August futures ) 4040-4045 Sell , target 3980 , stoploss 4100

Thursday, August 6, 2015

MCX Bullion Market Tips Today : 5 Aug || NCDEX Tips

The boom is seen in Gold and silver prices in Delhi bullion market . Today Delhi bullion market gold came down to Rs 100 and Rs 25 130 to Rs 450 per ten grams and silver slip nearly five -year low of Rs 33 750 per kg has occurred .

MCX Silver also continued to decline for the third consecutive day. Spot silver fell to Rs 50 per kg to Rs 33 700 slip, 05 October 2010 after which its lower level. Silver futures also came down to Rs 30 per kg to Rs 33 430. Coin buying and selling remained unchanged and respectively 48 thousand and 49 per cent held steady at Rs.Comaks 0.60 per cent, with gold trading at 1084 dollars per ounce, which is very close to five and a half year low.

MCX Bullion tips

MCX Bullion tips Today : 

Sell MCX Gold ENTRY – 24700, S L – 24790, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 24620/ 24520

Sell MCX Silver ENTRY – 33400, S L – 33700, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 33200/ 32900

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

NCDEX Chana | Soyabean Tips , NCDEX Free Tips , Jeera Updates

Heavy Rainfall in all the area pressurised the Agri Commodity Market.

Latest Govt reports indicate total sown area for kharif crops as on 31tst July stood at 764.28 lakh hectare as compared to 703.43 lakh hectare at this time last year. Madhya Pradesh government estimated soybean estimating total production of 88 million tons , which is 26 per cent higher than last year.


The total production of 220.9 million tonnes of kharif crops in the state is likely to last year's 26.5 percent. The grain production target of 112.1 million tonnes were placed , while 26.4 per cent compared to last year . Kharif rice production this season is estimated to be 63.7 million tonnes, which is 17.2 per cent higher than last year's kharif season.

In case of pulses in the state figure of 12.6 million tonnes is to be seen. While 23.9 per cent more than last year when the figure being talked about, in which mainly green, Urad and Moong is.Kharif crops is nearly over, while this season's harvest is in September-October months.

In Madhya Pradesh, the monsoon rains for irrigation of Kharif crops is considered to be the most important.

SELL NCDEX Chana And NCDEX Soyabean 

NCDEX Tips : 

BUY NCDEX SoyaOil ENTRY - 565, S L -568, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 558/ 556

BUY NCDEX Jeera ENTRY – 16200, S L- 16100, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 16400/ 16450

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MCX Commodity Tips Today : 4 Aug || Best Commodity Tips

The decline in gold prices has not stopped yet. Dollar strength in the domestic market opened with a decline in the gold-silver. Gold prices in the international market has slipped to 5 year lows. While today after Monday's steep decline in MCX CRUDEOIL prices recovered is returned. On the other hand, China's poor economic data Besmetls is trading with a loss.

The Agri commodities oilseeds and oil prices slipped. MCX gold Today trading with 0.70 percent at Rs 24 595 per 10 grams. While silver prices slipped 0.34 per cent to Rs 33 385 per kg . While the crude with a gain of 0.15 per cent trading at Rs 2922.

MCX Bullion Tips

MCX Commodity Tips :

 MCX Crude oil (August futures ) Sell 2950 to 2960 , target 2880 , stoploss 2995
MCX Nickel (August futures ) 697-702 Sell , target 687-680 , stoploss 709

MCX Silver (Sept. futures ) Sell 33,300 to 33,330 , 33,000 to 32,800 goal, stoploss 33 500
MCX Refined Oil (August futures ) 569-571 Sell , target 564-562 , stoploss 574

NCDEX Tips || NCDEX Chana Tips || Soyabean Updates || MCX MenthaOil Trends

India is the largest producer and exporter of Mentha oil in the world. Mentha arvensis is cultivated in India mainly in Uttar pradesh, Bihar, Punjab and Uttarakhand. The all-India area under Mentha in the country is estimated at about 3-3.5 lakh hectares. India at present produces about 40,000 - 45,000 MT of mint oil.

MCX MenthaOil trends

MCX Mentha oil Updates : Trading range for the day is 939.5-967.7.

NCDEX Market is also trading at negative note...NCDEX Soyabean trading range for the day is 3105-3233. Soyabean prices ended with losses on oversupply of the crop in domestic and international market.

Soybean area coverage during last week is higher by 2.407 million hectare to 10.48 million hectare.

NCDEX Tips :

NCDEX Turmeric trading range for the day is 6910-7550. 

NCDEX Jeera trading range for the day is 15585-16805. 

NCDEX Chana trading range for the day is 4617-4681.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Best Commodity Tips – 3 August 2015 | MCX Live Chart

Gold MCX reversed earlier losses on Friday as the dollar fell after weaker-than-expected U.S. data, but prices remained on course for their biggest monthly decline in more than two years on expectations the Federal Reserve will soon raise interest rates.

We expect gold prices to trade negative on the back of U.S. interest rate outlook. 

We expect silver prices to trade sideways. 

Where as For the next week we expect MCX Crude oil prices to find support in the range of 2,950 – 2,960 levels. Trading consistently below 2,950 levels would lead towards the strong support at 2,870 levels and then finally towards the major support at 2,800 levels.

Best Commodity Tips :

Mcx Gold Intraday Call – SELL Gold OCT at Price 24966 – 24975 (CMP), with stoploss set to 25011 and TARGET 24900 – 24860

Mcx Silver Free Call – SELL Silver Sep at CMP – 33890. With stoploss set Above 34190. for Target 33500 – 33200


                                              GOLD MCX