Friday, October 30, 2015

In MCX Gold fell Rs. 70 and Silver fell Rs. 35 | MCX NCDEX Calls

Today Commodity Market Updates :

In the Domestic Market, Pressure is being witnessed in the Gold, Silver Prices. MCX Gold by Rs.70 and MCX Silver by Rs.35 has been Dropped.

MCX gold fell by Rs 70 to trade at Rs 26 550 per ten grams. However , MCX Silver is trading at Rs. 36,520 rupees per Kg with the fall of Rs 35.

MCX CrudeOil is trading at 3,002.00 with fall of -26.00(-0.86%).

MCX Natural gas is trading at 147.20 with fall of -2.10(-1.41%).


Gold Silver prices Fell ; Live MCX Calls Today : 29 Oct | Commodity Best Bullion Tips

US interest rates are likely to rise by the end of this year the price of gold on MCX Came down by Rs.1 to trade at Rs 27,000 per ten grams. If we talk about today's Market. 

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The Pressure has been noted in the prices of Gold as well as CrudeOil. Gold has been witnessed at two weeks low rates. Where as the CrudeOil is a half percent fall. 

CRUDE Prices Fell : 

On Wednesday, In the Crude prices drastically changes was noticed, prices were at boom. But now the dollar index at 97 from the upper level of the two -month that is why decline is seen in crude prices. Brent crude fell 0.30 percent, to $ 48.90 per barrel has come. 

Gold prices at two -week lows : 

MCX gold slipped below Rs 27,000. US interest rates expected to rise , gold fell by Rs 275 to Rs 26,800 per ten grams. Meanwhile, silver dropped by Rs 660 per kg to Rs 37,173 

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Indian Agri Commodity Market Maintains DownTrends | NCDEX Chana, Jeera Tips and Updates : 28 Oct

Today, If we talk about Agri commodity Market, Downtrend has been observed for most Agri commodities as markets look set for further fall in price till Pulses rates come down to reasonable levels.

Regular reports of raids on hoarders for Chana and Soybean kept trend down for most Agri commodities as markets look set for further fall in price till Pulses rates come down to reasonable levels.

NCDEX Tips Today

NCDEX Chana, Guar maintains the downstream and Spices also failed to maintain the higher level.

And moderate changes were noted in NCDEX Jeera and NCDEX Turmeric.


Commodity Best Tips :

SELL NCDEX Turmeric at 9020 with SL - 8850, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 9150/ 9200.
BUY NCDEX Jeera 16900 with SL - 16800, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 17100/ 17150

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Gold and silver in Domestic Market Mantains low Trendz | MCX Bullion Calls and Tips Today

Today, On Tuesday the decline has been noticed in the international Market.  MCX Gold is trading with a marginal gain of Rs 5. Where as MCX Crudeoil is trading with low trends.
MCX Gold Up with Rs.5 and MCX Silver down with Rs.30 :
Prices of Gold and Silver in both International Market and Domestic Market is noted at sluggish.

MCX Bullion Tips Today

At the Multi Commodity Exchange, MCX Gold prices rose by Rs.5 to trade Rs 26,835 per 10g, MCX Silver fell by Rs 50 per kg to trade at 36,960.

Brent crude fell 0.50 percent to 47.20 dollars per barrel is trading around. MCX crude prices have tumbled. Currently, crude oil fell by Rs 25 to Rs 2850 per barrel level.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Gold and silver trading dull | Free Commodity best tips Today

Gold and silver are traded in the international market is at sluggish. However, seeing is pressure on crude prices.

These negative signs of the domestic market.

MCX Gold is trading at 26,816.00 with gains of 7.00 +0.03%

MCX Silver is trading at 36,932.00 -10.00 (-0.03%) down.  

MCX CrudeOil at 2,917.00 with -10.00 (-0.34%) loss.

MCX Commodity Tips

Free Commodity best tips Today :

SELL MCX Gold at 27000, SL - 27220, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 26820/ 26650.
SELL MCX Silver at 37200, SL-37550,TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 36900/ 36700

Saturday, October 24, 2015

MCX Gold to trade Side Ways Today | Best Bullion Tips, Free Commodity Calls

Today, The Bullion Counter may tarde in Side ways Trends. MCX GOLD can move in range of 26700-27000 and MCX Silver can move in range of 36500-37400 in MCX, Gold December contract has been trading 0.05 per cent to 26879 level on Friday in India's Multi Commodity Exchange(MCX). 

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Where as MCX CrudeOil is likely to trade positive in 2930-3050 range. In MCX Crude oil November contract has been trading up by 0.85per cent to 2976 level on Friday.

MCX Gold is trading at 26,981.00 with gains of 116.00(+0.43%) points ,

MCX Silver is tarding at 37,174.00 with gains of 254.00(+0.69%) points,

MCX CrudeOil is trading at 2,975.00 with gains of 24.00(+0.81%).

Thursday, October 22, 2015

MCX Gold in Domestic Market Rose | MCX NCDEX Commodity Free Tips

MCX Gold and MCX Silver in the international market has tumbled again, but demand is expected to grow in the domestic market, prices have gone up.

MCX Gold Rose Rs. 70 and MCX Silver rose Rs. 30 where as MCX CrudeOil is trading with negative trend.


MCX Gold is trading at 27,143.00 with 31.00 or +0.11% up. MCX Silver is trading at 36,915.00 with -127.00(-0.34%) Down.


BUY MCX Gold at 27010-27000, S L - 26910,TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 27290/ 0.

SELL MCX Silver at 37300-37400, S L - 37600, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2- 36700/ 0.

SELL NCDEX Chana at 5120,S L - 5160, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 5020/ 4950.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

20 Oct : MCX gold below 27,000 , the pressure on crude prices | MCX NCDEX Tips Today

Gold and silver prices of crude in the international market and are seeing again is selling.

MCX gold and silver remains in the atmosphere for the second day of selling. October futures on the exchange dropped by Rs 81 per ten grams to Rs 26,925.

Meanwhile, silver prices today fell by Rs 82. It fell to 36,855 per kg. MCX Crude oil may trade on flat note in range of 3000-3150 in MCX.

MCX Crude oil Nov contract has been trading -0.49 percent to 3036 level on Tuesday.


MCX NCDEX Tips Today :

SELL MCX GOLD at 27000, S L - 27060, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 26900/ 26830.
SELL MCX SLVER at 37300-37400, S L -37600, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 36700/ 0

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Crude prices softened with gold and silver Today | MCX NCDEX Tips

The first trading session of the week started with a fall in commodity market. International market prices of gold and silver as well as crude is also seeing a sharp sell-off.

Even Pressure is also witnessed in the Agri Commodity Market. 

Commodity experts say that China's weak economic data, after seeing pressure on all commodities because China is the biggest consumer of the commodity.

Domestic market fell by Rs 180, Rs 27,000 per ten gram on MCX gold has come down . Meanwhile , silver fell by Rs 37 031 to Rs 350 per kg.

mcx ncdex tips

In the case of agricultural commodities on MCX mentha oil October futures gained 0.90 percent to trade at Rs905.

Soyaoil November futures on NCDEX fell by 1 percent to Rs 620.

MCX NCDEX Tips Today :

SELL MCX GOLD at 27250, S L-27400, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 27050/ 26850.

BUY MCX CrudeOil at 3020, S L-2970,TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 3070/ 3120.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

NCDEX Commodity Tips Today :16 Oct | NCDEX Chana, Jeera updates

Today, The Agri commodity Market is seen to be volatile.

Moderate recovery has been observed for Guar, Spices and Oil complex as overall fundamentals remain strong on festive demand.

Jeera trading at high volatility as the higher rates prevented a strong pick up in exports that was seen earlier this month. Traders waited for dips before initiating fresh demand in mandis.

ncdex commodity tips

NCDEX Commodity Tips Today :

SELL NCDEX Turmeric at 8250,S L - 8400,TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 8080/ 7880.
BUY NCDEX Chana at 5280, S L - 5220, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 5340/ 5400
BUY NCDEX Jeera at 16400, S L - 16250,TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 16620/ 16850

Bullion Tips, LIVE MCX Chart Today | GOLD-SILVER Down

In the International Market the MCX Silver prices which were trading at 4 month high rate is seen to be at down trend. The prices of Both Gold-Silver is seen to be at negative note today.

In terms of domestic market MCX gold is seen below 0.40 percent to trade at Rs 27,150. While silver is looking around for about 45 percent to trade at Rs 37365.

MCX crude oil is trading around 1.80 percent to Rs 3040, Natural gas is seen about 0.30 percent to Rs 160.

MCX LIVE Chart Today: 

          MCX GOLD is trading at 27,257.00 with -104.00 (-0.38%) down.

          MCX SILVER is trading at 37,513.00 with -117.00(-0.31%) down.

Friday, October 16, 2015

MCX GOLD to trade Higher Today | Commodity Free NCDEX Calls Today

MCX Gold in the International Market is trading at 5 month Higher note. Today the Gold may tarde between 26742-27522 said by Commodity MCX NCDEX Experts.

Technically market is getting support at 26974 and below same could see a test of 26742 level, And resistance is now likely to be seen at 27364, a move above could see prices testing 27522.

MCX Gold is trading at 27,236.00 with 48.00 or +0.18% up. MCX Silver down with -53.00 or -0.14% points and is tarding at 37,522.00.

Volatility is seen in the Agri Commodity Market, NCDEX CHANA, NCDEX JEERA, CORIANDER are seen down. 

Commodity Free NCDEX Calls : 

BUY MCX Gold at 26980, SL-26800, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 27180/ 27400

BUY NCDEX Chana at 5180, SL-5140, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 -5250/ 5320.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

MCX GOLD to trade Bearish Today : 13 Oct | Bullion Tips, Commodity Live Chart

Today, On tuesday the Commodity Market of MCX GOLD to trade at bearish note. Gold can move in range of 26550-26900 in MCX.

MCX Gold prices retraced some of its gains on profit-booking Tuesday, after rising to a seven-week high the previous day.

MCX Bullion Tips

where as Global crude oil prices have finally broken out of their range, MCX CrudeOil is Trading at3103.00 with 28.00 points (0.91%) up.

MCX Bullion Tips :

MCX GOLD SELL at 26850, SL - 26990, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 26640/ 26450.

MCX SILVER SELL 37150, S L -37550,TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 36750/ 36450

Monday, October 12, 2015

MCX Gold Rs 81 and MCX Silver Rs 170 UP | Bullion Tips Today, NCDEX Calls Commodity

Today's Commodity Market Updates :

MCX gold and silver prices trend is still continued.The Rising prices of MCX Gold and Silver in the International Market have also effected the Domestic Market. MCX Gold in the Domestic Market have been up by Rs 81 and MCX Silver have been up by Rs.170. Where as Crudeoil prices also seen at high note.
MCX Bullion Tips

The exchange of MCX Gold is trading at level of Rs 26 704 with Rs 81 per ten grams. MCX silver fell to Rs 37,000 per kg.

In the domestic market crude prices have been seen uptrends. MCX crude 1.20 percent has come to Rs 3,243 per barrel

Saturday, October 10, 2015

MCX Gold and Silver fell down | Commodity MCX Live Calls Today : 9 Oct

Today, MCX gold-silver in the domestic market is sluggish.  

MCX Gold prices fell by Rs 16 to Rs 26,430 on MCX per ten grams, has come. The silver fell by Rs 92 to trade at Rs 36,783 kg has come.

MCX Live Calls

MCX CrudeOil is also seen at high note. MCX crude on the domestic market rose by Rs 50 to Rs 3267 per barrel. This week, nearly 10 percent of the hike is seen in the prices of crude .

MCX Live Calls Today :

SELL MCX Gold at 26400, SL-26500,TGT- 1 / TGT- 2- 26280/ 26240

SELL MCX Silver at 37000-37200,S L - 37500, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 36300/ 0

Friday, October 9, 2015

9 Oct : Inflation in the Agri Commodity Market ; oil, pulses prices have risen | Best NCDEX Tips

Today, on Friday agri commodity market is seen at positive note. 

Inflation has been clearly visible seen During the past month, pulses, sugar, edible oil, vegetables almost all goods.


In the past months the Commodity prices have been surged by 20 %. Oil has registered an increase of 12%, NCDEX Soyabean surged by 20%, 25 percent of the amount is seen in crude. 

Wheat and mustard prices also have been increased in the past 2 months.

Low supply, of pulses in the country made the prices almost 14% risen. Retail prices of dal has crossed Rs 170.

According to the Commodity MCX NCDEX Calls Experts it has been said that the prices may rise and touch up to Rs. 200 per KG.

NCDEX Commodity Tips

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8 Oct : Gold, Silver Prices Down | Free MCX Live calls today

In MCX Market the prices of Gold and Silver fell down. Thursday session series of gold and silver prices has subsided.International markets are trading at the upper level of the two-week decline in the gold and silver.

MCX Free Tips today

The impact of the move on the domestic market today is seen, MCX Gold fell Rs 55 per ten gram to trade at Rs 26,500.
MCX Silver fell by Rs 662 per kg, approaching the level of 3683

MCX CrudeOil may trade on strong path in range of 3100-3220. Where as MCX Copper with 0.5% fall is trading at Rs. 341.4. 

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Free MCX Live Calls Today : 7 Oct | Gold Silver Bullion Tips

With Equity Market, Commodity Market is also seen at high trends. In Bullion Market, MCX Gold is at two weeks upper level and silver prices in the session on Wednesday rose 3.5 month upper level.

In the international market , gold rose to $ 1,150 , which is the upper level of the previous 2 weeks. Mcx Silver has gained momentum and has touched the upper level of 3.5 months .

MCX GOLD at Rs 26,700 with a gain of 0.25 percent. MCX Silver with marginal gains of 0.15 per cent at Rs 37,400.

Where as the CrudeOil is risen Sharply, . Brent crude in the international market has gone beyond 52 dollars. MCX CRUDEOIL 2.75 percent gains at Rs 3,225.

MCX free tips Today

Gold Silver Bullion Tips Today : 

BUY MCX CRUDEOIL at 3105-3100, SL- 3060, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 3190/ 0 

SELL MCX GOLD at 26700-26710, SL- 26790, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 26500/ 0

Free MCX NCDEX Tips Today : 6 October | NCDEX Chana Calls

In the Agri Commodity Market a massive boom is being noticed. Especially in NCDEX Chana, NCDEX mustard and peas have already noticed a boom.

The soybean industry is the largest organization of SOPA has sought a ban on soybean futures, SOPA also written to the SEBI chairman said that heavy speculation in the futures industry is suffering greatly. A heavy pressure is noticed in the NCDEX Soyabean Market. 

NCDEX castor seed is visible around Rs 4230 , down with 0.56 percent. 

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The NCDEX Coriander November futures are trading around Rs 11 642 with 0.42 percent down.

BUY Coriander Oct 2015 contract with a Target of 1164.

MCX CudeOil to Trade Volatile | MCX Free Tips Today - 6 October

Today, on Tuesday the MCX CrudeOil may trade volatile path in range of 3000-3070 in MCX, according to Expert advice for Tuesday.

MCX Crudeoil  futures  rose  on  Monday  after  Russia  said  it  was  ready  to  meet  other  producers  to  discuss  the  situation  in  the  global  oil  market,  where  prices  have  more  than halved from last year's high.

MCX Free Tips

MCX Gold can move in range of 26200-26700 and Silver can move in range of 36000-37500 in MCX, MCX GOLD is trading with pivot of 26,062, S2- 25,879, S1- 25,977, R1- 26,160, R2- 26,245.

MCX Silver is trading at 34,608, S2- 34,135, S1- 34,340, R1- 34,813, R2- 35,081.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

5 Oct : MCX GOLD Retains Sharp Gains | MCX Live Calls Today

Today, On the first day of the week MCX Gold Market retained gains from its biggest daily jump in nearly nine months. The metal had gained 2.2 percent on Friday, its biggest one-day rise since January 15.

MCX GOLD and MCX SILVER Prices to rise 3%. Where as BaseMetals and CrudeOil is also seen @2% rise.

MCX Live calls

MCX GOLD in the domestic market jumped by Rs 350 per ten grams to Rs 26 425 arrived. October futures on the Multi Commodity Exchange , silver with 3.35 percent UP come to 35,705.

MCX Live Calls Today :

1.  MCX GOLD (October futures) BUY at Rs 26000 , Target – 26200, Stoploss - 25 850

2. MCX CrudeOil (October futures) BUY at 2950, Target –3050, stoploss - Rs 2880 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Gold and silver continued to decline , crude prices Up : 1 October | NCDEX Tips

Today, On the Very First day of the month, its been noticed that in the NCDEX Market prices is accelerating. NCDEX Gram , NCDEX Soyabean and castor seed is trading with half a percent up.

NCDEX Commodity tips

Where as in the MCX Market,Gold and silver prices in the international market has been witnessing a steady decline . US jobs data came in better pressure on gold prices .

Free MCX tips

In the private sector better than expected US jobs data have spoiled the mood of the gold . In the past 1 year, the biggest quarterly decline in MCX GOLD with a fall of 0.04 percent has come.

MCX NCDEX Tips :  

SELL MCX Gold at 26150-26170, S L – 26220, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 26050/ 25980. 

BUY NCDEX Chana 4880, S L – 4840, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 4920/ 4980

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Agri Commodity Updates : 30 SEP | Free NCDEX Tips

Profit booking at higher levels brought some corrections to the rising prices for Agri commodities on Tuesday.

Festive season demand is likely to provide support however.

NCDEX Jeera trend remain slightly weak opened at 15580. 

NCDEX Chana and Oil are trading at higher levels. 

Free NCDEX Tips

Free NCDEX Tips Today :

MCX Gold Oct 2015 is a SELL call at 26350, S L - 26500, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 26220/ 26100

NCDEX Turmeric Oct 2015 is a BUY call at 7530-7445, S L - 7360, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 7590/ 7650

NCDEX Chana Oct 2015 is a BUY call at 4750, S L-4710, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 4800/ 4840

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