Thursday, December 31, 2015

Agri Commodity Market in 2016 | MCX NCDEX Tips Today

Its Big question For all the Trader's and Investor's that how the Market would be in 2016????

Experts at Commodity MCX NCDEX Calls feel that production is likely to fall and demand may see a rise.

Significant returns were obtained for most agri commodities in 2015 as fundamentals remained strong – the notable exception being guarseed and guargum, among a few others.

A second consecutive monsoon deficit of more than 10% caused production for most crops to fall for the 2nd year in a row. Even with a 2nd consecutive deficient monsoon, the uptrend in rates for most counters was limited. This was due to government taking steps to control rising prices.

But with stock levels falling, production expected to remain weak, and prices being at very low levels for most counters – the exports and the domestic demand are expected to rise significantly in coming weeks – aided by a strong Dollar vs Rupee. Production in pulses, spices, oil complex and kapas/cotton are expected to fall.

Commodity NCDEX Tips

MCX NCDEX Tips Today :

SELL SILVERMINI BELOW 33350 TARGET 33150 -33000-32700 STOPLOSS 33600 

Sell Gold February in between 24940/24950 stoploss 25050 target 24820 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Drop In CrudeOil Continued for Third Day ; MCX NCDEX Tips

The Drop in CrudeOil Continued for the Third day. where as MCX Gold and MCX Silver is also fall.

Because of excess supply over demand, crude oil prices are under pressure. The Nymex and Brent crude oil is falling. Nymex crude oil fell by 1.81 percent is above 37 dollars a barrel. The price on Brent fell 0.74 percent to $37.33 a barrel, are traded. The impact of the decline in foreign exchange may be also seen on the domestic market and commodity exchange MCX crudeoil has been started with RED.

Gold at $ 1070 per ounce:
Gold remains subdued for the third consecutive day. The Comaks $ 1070 per ounce gold remains close. For the third consecutive year that gold will decline,while nearly 10 per cent annual decline. Silver also remains sluggish and it remains under $14. MCX Gold is at 25,182.00 with 52.00(+0.21%) points up trends. 

Agri Commodities at Drop : 
Castor seed NCDEX Agri commodities declined by 0.75 percent to Rs 3,780 is trading down. Also coriander 4 per cent to Rs 8110 has arrived. Gram also declined. With 0.6 per cent on MCX Aluminium has come down to Rs 100, while lead has weakened 0.25 percent and its price has fallen to Rs 114.7.
MCX NCDEX Calls Today :
Buy Soybean Jan above 3740 TGT 3790 SL 3709
SELL CRUDE OIL AT CMP-2480 SL 2517 TGT 2420 


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

29 Dec : MCX CrudeOil To Trade at Positive Note Today | Free Commodity Best Tips

MCX Crudeoil open on positive path as it may move in range of 2420-2550 in MCX, according to SMC Global. CRudeOil January contract has been trading up by 0.49 percent to 2459 level on Tuesday(11.23am) in MCX.

CrudeOil fell more than 3 percent on Monday, with global benchmark Brent back near 11-year lows as last week's short-covering dried up.

MCX CrudeOil Tips

Free Commodity Best Tips :

Buy Nickel December in between 568-67.70, Stoploss 561.70, Target 575

BUY SILVER MARCH MCX ABOVE 33785, Stoploss BELOW 33010, Target 34190, 34595

Monday, December 28, 2015

Crude prices below $ 38, MCX Gold marginally Up | MCX Live Calls Today

Nymex and Brent crude on the global market is close to around 38 dollars. Nymex crude oil fell by 0.62 percent to $ 37.87 a barrel, trading at 0.45 per cent, with weakness and Brant crude is at 37.75 dollars a barrel. Because of the decline in the dollar gold has risen slightly.

Gold is marginally UP:

In the global market, MCX Gold is trading above 1076 dollars per ounce. While MCX Silver is up with 0.79 percent and is trading at 14.37 an ounce. Copper on the London Metal Exchange was trading at 0.63 percent.

Slight decline in domestic market :

MCX Gold in the domestic market declined marginally by 0.1 percent at Rs 25,200 trades. MCX Silver also fell 0.4 per cent to around 34,225 rupees looks. MCX crude oil is trading at Rs 2,520 slipped nearly 0.5 percent. But MCX Natural gas has reached 3.5 per cent at Rs 142.3.

Sell Nickel December in between 562.50-62 Stoploss 566.50 Target 556.50

Sell Soyoil January at current market price 619.1 Target 610.1 Stoploss 624.1 

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Indian Gold imports to zoom to 1,000 tonnes | MCX Live Calls

In India  Prime Minister Narendra Modi has kicked off reforms to control India's historic love for gold, but that might not be sufficient to stop the inflow of gold into the country, at least for now.

All India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation estimates that Gold imports by India would touch 1,000 tonnes in the 2015 calender year marking 11 per cent surge from the 900 tonnes of yellow metal India imported last year. The Federation says India's imports have already touched 850 tonnes during the period between January and September this year, beating the 650 tonnes from an year-ago period.

MCX Live Calls

MCX Live Calls Today :

BUY LEAD DEC ABOVE 115.35 SL BELOW 113.70 TGT 116.40 - 117
SELL MCX GOLD at 25280, SL-25380, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 25160/ 25120

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

MCX gold at Rs 25,000 per ten grams scaled down | Free MCX Live Calls Today

In the domestic market, MCX Gold futures prices today dropped from 25,000 level. The decline in gold with an increase in rates by the Federal Reserve to have seen a recovery in rupee.

MCX February gold contract fell by 2 per cent per ten gram level has risen to 24 965. While there Comaks Comaks Gold prices have declined 1.7 percent today. Given the pressure in gold than gold equity investors have increased investment in high-return assets. This decline is in gold.

With silver futures prices have also declined. MCX March silver contract fell 1.73 percent level reached 33 808 per kg while silver Comaks fell 1.57 percent to $ 14.02 an ounce reached. 

SMC Comtrade researchers Sandeep June after the Fed decision, investors are now turning to equity. While an increase in domestic demand is not expected gold prices also pressure is being witnessed.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Gold - silver drop again, crude 11-year lows | Commodity MCX NCDEX Calls Today : 22 Dec

Crude in the international market as well as gold and silver prices have dropped continuously. MCX CrudeOil prices fell to the lowest level in 11 years. Over- supply growth, which led to the decline in crude Brent crude has risen close to $ 36. The dollar has declined sharply because of the sleep light. Comex price is closed at 1077 dollars per ounce.

Precious metals rose more than 1 percent on Monday as weaker than expected U.S. data and uncertainty about how fast the Federal Reserve will tighten interest rates next year weighed on the dollar.

SPDR Gold Trust GLD, the world’s largest gold-backed exchange traded fund, said its holdings stood at 645.94 down 2.97 tonnes, from previous business day.


The US dollar has returned strong gold sheen. Tuesday's trading session gold has dropped after two days of gains. The Comaks gold ounce has fallen to 0.30 per cent in 1077. However, silver fell 0.50 percent to $ 14.25 per ounce level.

Experts say that in the last two days of recovery in the gold price had climbed to 2.5 per cent, but the rebound in the dollar index, gold prices have again deepened. HSBC analyst James Steel said that the world's largest gold ETFs SPDR holdings on Friday bought 19 tonnes. Shopping is the biggest in two months. However, holdings of ETFs is still at 7-year lows.

Commodity MCX NCDEX Calls Today : 

BUY CRUDE OIL AT Current market price 2412, Stoploss 2377, Target 2465
BUY COPPER 315.10 TARGET 317.50 - 320 STOPLOSS 313

Monday, December 21, 2015

Agri commodities update : 21 Dec | NCDEX Tips Today

Agri Commodities :

Trend was firm in almost all the Commodity Market on Friday except NCDEX CHANA. NCDEX Soybean was the leading gainer amid strong global cues and reports of fresh export queries emerging for domestic soymeal.

NCDEX Mustard seed also strengthened tracking gains in soybean and limited arrivals, against poor selling intentions. Castor seed moved up amid gains in soybean and steady export demand castor oil.

NCDEX Jeera markets shot up amid poor selling interest coming at lower levels at major mandis and technical strongly oversold situation in futures.

NCDEX Turmeric futures ended firm on news of a possible crop damage due to recent rains in Tamil Nadu. Cotton complex and sugar prices were firm in line with the bullish fundamentals.

NCDEX Guar complex also ended lower amid reducing selling intentions at lower levels and steady demand in bye products of guar.

Friday, December 18, 2015

The biggest drop in 5 months Gold , Crude at 11 -year lows | MCX Free Tips Today

Commodity Market Updates :

The sharp fall in gold and silver prices in the international market is not taking a stop. MCX Gold prices were down 2 percent on Thursday Comaks was the biggest one-day fall in five months. However, on Nymex crude fell for the third straight week to its lowest level in 11 years has come.

Experts say that the US central bank Federal Reserve decision to raise interest rates, gold and silver as well as crude prices fall because of economic recovery in the US has intensified in the international market dollar index has reached the upper level of two weeks . Whose effect is to move the bullion market.

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Gold: US interest rates rise, prices softened 

Rates in the US is rising sharply in the commodity. COMEX gold and silver fell 2 percent to 3 percent. On the Comex price is under $ 1055. MCX Gold prices fell 11 percent over the year.

Commodity experts say that gold prices and the major cause of the world's largest gold ETF SPDR Gold Trust holdings fell 0.70 percent to 630.17 tonnes.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

17 Dec : A Sharp Decline in Commodity Market | MCX Live Calls Today

The US Federal Reserve's decision to raise interest rates after the sharp decline in the commodity market. Commodity Market opened down 1 percent on Thursday. Comaks Gold prices fell nearly 1 percent has come down to $1,070. Also silver is at $14 a 0.8 percent fall. Is too weak trend in international crude oil. Nymex WTI crude at around $355 seems, to $37.25, while Brent crude has arrived.

The decline in gold and silver :

Impact of the US Federal Reserve to raise interest rates on domestic markets is also being seen. MCX Gold in the domestic market declined by 0.75 percent to Rs 25,300 is trading down. MCX Silver also looks around 1 per cent to Rs 34,000. MCX crude oil slipped 0.5 percent to Rs 2,370 is trading down. However MCX Natural Gas with a gain of 0.5 percent to Rs 121.5 level is reached.

Agri commodities is also at fall :

Agri commodities futures on NCDEX coriander with 4 percent to Rs 8,760 arrived . Further weakness of 1 per gram , with December futures is trading below Rs 5,000 . December futures rose 0.3 percent on the NCDEX cotton meal is trading at Rs 1,890.

NCDEX Tips Today

MCX Live Calls Today :

SELL NCDEX Jeera Around 14560, Target:14277/14130, SL-14713
SELL MCX CrudeOil Around 2423,  Target:2330/2265, SL-2467

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

MCX Gold To Trade Volatile ; MCX NCDEX Tips Today : 16 Dec

Bullion counter may trade on volatile path as outcome of FOMC meeting and movement of dollar index can give further direction to the prices. Meanwhile movement of local currency rupee can give further direction in MCX.

MCX Gold can move in range of 25000-25800 and Silver can move in range of 33000-34000 in MCX, according to SMC Global Research.

MCX Gold February contract has been trading 0.07 per cent to 25283 level in MCX on Wednesday.


Agri commodities traded sideways on Monday on account of sluggish demand. Spices fell on fall in demand at the higher levels - Even as Turmeric may witness rising demand in coming days. Trend looks weak for Jeera on low export demand.

SELL NCDEX Jeera 14900,S L -15080, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2-14720/ 14480
SELL MCX Gold at 25450, SL-25600,TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 25250/ 25120

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Petrol and Diesel Prices may fall by 2 Rupees | MCX Live Calls Today : 15 Dec

A big fall in the price of MCX Crudeoil have been noticed. almost it is 12% of fall in the last week. Due to this a big cuts will be seen in the prices of Petrol and Diesel Prices. Its been told by the Commodity Analyst that the prices may cut upto 2 rupees of petrol and 1 Rupees of Diesel per litre.

As a reminder, 15 days after the official fuel retailers Indian basket of crude oil prices on petrol and diesel prices are set . Oil companies on November 30, petrol and diesel prices have been revised upwards , after which the price of petrol in Delhi , Rs 60.48 and Rs 46.55 per liter of diesel has gone up .

Petrol 2 Rupees and diesel 1 rupees Cheaper :

Energy expert Ram Dixit said in an exclusive interview with oil marketing companies, Petrol and Diesel 60-80 money can be cheaper by one rupee because the Indian basket of crude oil prices to $ 36.65 a barrel, down has been . With crude prices in the international market is falling continuously.
mcx live calls today

Crude prices fell 12 percent last week : 

Crude prices in the international market fell 12 percent last week. The Indian basket of crude has dropped by more than 8 percent.

MCX Live Calls Today : 
BUY GOLD FEB AT 23340-23360, STOP LOSS-23260,TARGET-23550.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Gold is marginally higher last week, silver softened Rs 1150 | MCX Tips Today : 14 Dec

The whole week in domestic and global markets remained under pressure in gold and silver. In terms of gold, gold prices rose Rs 50. Week full of gold remained volatile, but on Saturday, with a gain of Rs 290 per ten grams of gold almost flat closed and managed to arrive at the 26,000 level.

Commodity MCX NCDEX Calls Analyst believed that the next week due to the wedding season, gold bullish trend may continue.

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Last Week, the price of silver fell by Rs 1,150:

The whole week around 1,150 rupees in silver fell. However, in the early days of the week bullish trend in silver. In the first three days of the week, silver gained Rs 200. But in the last days of the week silver fell by more than Rs 400 on Saturday, the last day of week silver fell to Rs 200 per 33,850 per kg, which was at Rs 35,000 on Monday, the first day of the week.

Gold in global markets dropped to $ 8 

Domestic market as well as global gold prices also put pressure on the entire week. On Monday the gold price in the International Market was around 1082.83$ , the last day of the week at $ 1074.20 per ounce fell on Saturday. Gold in global markets in the first day of the week 0.3 per cent was recorded. The last day of the week, prices rose by 0.25 percent.

Today's Commodity Market Opening Updates :

Today MCX Gold is trading at 25,588.00 with -91.00 points down. MCX Silver is at 33,865.00 with -118.00 points down.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Indian Agri Market Updates : 11 Dec | NCDEX Tips Today

Markets bounced back from the lower levels for most Agri commodities on Thursday as short covering after the recent fall in rates amidst improved demand in the mandis supported the prices.

With prices at very low levels, an expected pick up in demand in coming days could support the prices further. Moderate recovery noted for Spices and Chana after the recent fall; even Guar rates bounced back strongly as it found some strong psychological support at these lower levels.

NCDEX Tips TodaY

NCDEX Tips Today :

SELL NCDEX Chana at 4780, SL-4840, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 4730/ 4680

BUY NCDEX Jeera at 15250, SL-15100, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 -15380/ 15550

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

SENSEX Sink for the 6th day; Nifty tad above 7600 | MCX NCDEX Tips

TOday the Stock Market closed with RED Note. The 30-share BSE Sensex lost 274.28 points or 1.08 percent to 25036.05 and the 50-share NSE Nifty tanked 89.20 points or 1.16 percent to 7612.50.

Top Gainers and Losers of the day are : 

Top Gainers: BHEL (2.2%), TCS (1.5%), ITC (0.7%), ONGC (0.4%)
Top Losers: VEDANTA (5.7%), TATA STEEL (3.4%), COAL INDIA (3.2%),HINDALCO (3.2%), BAJAJ AUTO (2.7%)

Whereas Experts and industry bodies have been vocal about opening a physical gold exchange in India, the world's second biggest consumer of the yellow metal. Now, a prominent bullion association in India has announced their plans to launch a gold exchange.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

CrudeOil at 7 years Low Prices; Petrol and Diesel prices may effect | Commodity best Tips

OPEC does not cut output at the meeting since crude prices falling steadily increasing. On Tuesday, crude in the international market also remained at 7-year low. Nymex crude prices have touched the low of $ 37.50 a barrel, the price is the lowest since February 2009.

The Indian basket of crude oil prices fell to 38.61 per dollar. As a result of cheap crude oil marketing companies in the next review of petrol and diesel prices are reduced by 1 Rs.
commodity best tips

Will impact on the domestic market, would be cheaper fuel Energy expert Narendra Taneja told Bhaskar Mani said the oil marketing companies at its meeting next week, gasoline and diesel by 80 paise, one rupee, the Indian basket of crude oil prices may be cheaper $ 40 per barrel has come down. With crude prices in the international market is falling continuously.