Monday, February 29, 2016

Impact of Budget 2016 on Commodity Market Players

A lot of changes and reforms were expected in Commodities which ranged from amendment of the FCRA bill to allow foreign institutions and domestic fund hours to trade in domestic futures, reduction in import duties for precious metals and more importantly, a reduction in CTT was also something we looked forward to

Arun Jaitley in Budget 2016-17 announced that SEBI will develop new products for commodity derivatives. However, apart from this, the Budget failed to offer cheer for commodity markets.

Budget impact on commodity
 What was expected?

Reduction in CTT for Commodities
Reduction in Import Duties for Bullions
Amendment of FCRA

Friday, February 26, 2016

NCDX Chana Live Market Update Today : 26 Feb

NCDEX Chana April Opened at 4174 today, percentage change is 31. 

NCDEX Chana April, A stiff support is seen at 4133 , and any trades above the same could see pullbacks to 4200 / 4230 or even higher to 4260 levels . However, major weakness is seen below 4100 levels. 

NCDEX Chana Tips
Turnaround levels: 

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

GOLD and SILVER Begin with the fall | MCX Live Calls

Pressure on gold and silver prices in the global market is being witnessed. Gold and silver in the domestic market are open in the red sign today. 

MCX gold April contract declined by Rs 111 to Rs 29,443 / 10 grams, MCX silver declined by Rs 103 to trade at Rs 37,140. Gold prices on the Nymex on Wednesday saw a gain of $ 20. 

Asian markets continue to profit from the weakness in crude prices. Domestic crude March contract declined by Rs 13 and trading at Rs 2,207/barrel. Basemetals volatility being witnessed today. 

MCX Copper February contract fell by Rs 0.20 & trading at Rs 317.90/kg, lead by Rs 0.45 to Rs 117.80/kg , nickel February contract fell by Rs 4.60, trading at 587.40/kg. 

MCX Live Calls:  
SELL LEAD BELOW 117.50 SL ABV 119 TGT 116.40-115.20.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

23 Feb : Fast onset of gold and silver, crude dearly | Commodity Tips

Weakness in the dollar index and the decline in global equity markets has been witnessed bullish trend in gold. April futures on the Multi Commodity Exchange, MCX Gold rose by Rs 232 to Rs 29,198 / 10 grams, silver rose by Rs 211 March futures at Rs 37,192 / kg. 

MCX Gold on the Nymex gained $ 10 to $ 1,220 / oz and silver trading at $ 0.10 with a gain of 15.29. 

NCDEX crude prices in international markets is putting pressure on the domestic market. MCX crude March contract declined by Rs 52 to Rs 2,277 / barrel. Nymex crude fell $0.45 is trading at $32.94 barrel. The Indian crude oil basket price rose by 19 cents to $ 31.26 / barrel. 

BUY CRUDEOIL ABOVE 2303, TGT1: 2367.72, TGT2: 2392.6, TGT3: 2472.6, SL: 2263 


Monday, February 22, 2016

Gold and Silver started today with fall | MCX NCDEX Tips

International markets are getting weak in the domestic market, the introduction of gold and silver, the pressure is being witnessed. MCX gold futures April contract declined by Rs 387 to Rs 29 128/10 grams, silver declined by Rs 37,055 to Rs 462 in March contracts / kg. On the Nymex, gold fell by $ 13 to $ 1218 / ounce and silver fell $ 0.13 trading at $ 15.24 / ounce.

Where as rally in crude oil in the international market has begun once again. The domestic market is also getting the benefit by this. MCX crude March contract rose by Rs33 to Rs 2,235 / barrel and Nymex crude rose by 0.54 dollars to $ 32.29 / barrel. 

Basemetals - in strong position in the domestic market is being witnessed. MCX Copper February Contact 2:55 Rs 318.65 with a gain / kg , lead February contract spurted 119.80 Rs 0.55 / kg , nickel February contract rose by Rs 3.90, 588.30 / kg remains. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

MCX Gold is up by Rs.100; MCX Live Calls Today

Due to lower demand in the bullion market, gold prices have declined to Rs 100. In Delhi, gold fell by Rs 100 on Thursday dropped to 28,750 per ten gram. 

Silver prices steady Delhi Bullion Market, silver prices have remained unchanged. 

On Thursday, the price of silver remains at 37,100 per kilogram. Earlier on Wednesday, the Delhi bullion market, silver prices was 37,100 . 

In global markets , gold fell 0.21 per: 

With the domestic market in global gold prices have declined. In London, gold prices recorded with declined of 0.21 percent. Gold prices fell by 0.21 percent, to $ 1.205.90 per ounce. 

In global markets, silver has declined 0.39 percent. After the fall of 0.39 per cent, at $ 15.21 per ounce silver price fell. 

MCX Live Calls Today :


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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Guar at 5 -year low rates | MCX NCDEX Tips By Experts

Declining global crude prices are directly affecting the demand for guar. In July 2014 $ 100 / barrel crude oil prices go beyond $ 30 a barrel in the global market remains down.

Under which 52 percent are exports of guar. Guar prices fall in demand has come down to 5.3-year low NCDEX Guar prices dropped to the level of October 2010. March 2016 contract on NCDEX GuarGum is trading around Rs5680/quintal.

Nov. 10, 2011, while in 2010 the gum March contract closed at 5642 levels. Last Thursday, the February futures on NCDEX guar seed prices slipped down to the level of Rs 2,953, which is nearly 5 -year low prices.

MCX NCCDEX Tips By Experts: 

Buy Zinc-M February in between 114.25-114.30 SL 113.70 TGT 114.95CMP-114.30
BUY CRUDEOIL ABOVE 2143 TGT 1 2154.33 TGT 2 2158.68 TGT 3 2172.68 SL 2136

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

MCX Gold Prices Rose by Rs.215 | MCX Live Calls

MCX Gold was falling since three days and after 3 days today the prices of gold rose by Rs 215. On Wednesday Gold is trading at 28850 with rise of 215 points. This Recovery in gold is due to global market. 

 Singapore market , gold rose 1 cent to $ 1212 per ounce level is reached. The London gold market in early trading 0.42 per cent reached the level of 1205.4. According to traders with an edge in the global market of new demand in the domestic market price of gold is supported. 

With the gold and silver prices have seen an increase. Silver on Wednesday once again has crossed 37,000 level. Silver rose by Rs 250 per kg in today's business touched Rs 37100. Industrial demand for silver has recourse.  

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Bullion Opened with a Fall. Crude Up : 16 Feb 2016

Second consecutive day declining trend in gold and silver prices is being witnessed. MCX gold April contract declined by Rs 235 to trade at Rs 28,455/36, where as MCX Silver dropped by Rs 284 to trade at 80710 grams.

The sharp fall in gold prices in the international market is seeing a decline of $ 45 1,194 dollar Nyamaks gold / ounce and silver fell by 58 cents to $ 15.20 / ounce is trading at.

Worldwide equity market sharply reduced investment demand for gold is seeing. Getting the gold sell-off. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

15 Feb : A Sharp fall in gold and silver | MCX NCDEX Tips By Experts

First trading day of the week, the price of gold and silver is seeing a sharp decline. MCX gold has seen a decline of more than Rs 450, while silver nearly Rs 850 broken. 

MCX Gold April futures declined by Rs 491 at 28,895, while March futures on MCX Silver declined by 900 and is at 37,080. In the international market selling in gold and silver. 

Why the sharp fall in gold and silver : 

Due to weak international cues are seeing a sharp decline in gold and silver have been Noticed. On Thursday, gold on the Comex at $1,264/ounce of gold a year, after which the upper level had touched on the quarterly is seeing. 

Positive data from the Japanese economy and the US Fed interest rates have helped to delay the signs of global equity markets and investors once again began to pour into equity money from gold. While in China markets have not seen as much as was expected to fall today.  

MCX GOLD is trading at 28,979.00, with fall of -407.00 or -1.39%. MCX Silver is Trading at 37,174.00, with fall of -810.00 or -2.13%. 

MCX NCDEX Tips By Experts : 

CRUDEOIL BUY ABOVE 2001 TGT 1 2022.03 TGT 2 2030.12 TGT 3 2056.12 SL 1988 

LEAD BUY ABOVE 126.6 TGT 1 127.17 TGT 2 127.38 TGT 3 128.08 SL 126.25 


Friday, February 12, 2016

Volatile trend likely for agri markets for short term | MCX NCDEX Tips

Short term trend likely to remain volatile for Indian agri markets as some prospects of rains in coming week could limit any one sided upside movement for the prices. 

An overall recovery was noted for most Agri counters on Thursday as rise in domestic and export demand at these low rates amidst falling stocks kept supporting the prices. Market sentiments turn slight firm as traders expect these low rates to be unsustainable in the medium term. 

New crop arrivals in coming weeks may however limit the uptrend. There had been slight improvement in sowing area but poor rains in January kept apprehensions of lower productivity for the standing crops.



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Thursday, February 11, 2016

In two months MCX Gold prices could reach up to Rs 29,500 | MCX NCDEX Tips Today

Global growth and the fall in equity markets in gold investment demand is constantly increasing. Since January 1 of 2016, the price of gold has to rise to Rs 4,000. Rs 28,000 per ten grams in the domestic market has reached across. 

Gold prices in the next two months would be Rs 29,500.  
Gold prices could go up to Rs 29,500: 
Expert says that the prices may cross 29,500 in coming month. There is a surge in prices. Looking at the current situation in the coming months , gold could touch 29100 levels per gram. 

MCX Gold prices may go up to 29000 to 29500 per ten gram, as global growth concerns the US central bank slashed the Fed could raise interest rates instead. 

MCX NCDEX Tips Today :

BUY SILVER AT CMP 37190 SL 36430 TGT1 37440 TGT2 38000.

SELL CRUDE OIL FEB BELOW 1848, SL-ABV 1890, TGT-1808-1772, CMP: 1849.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

MCX Gold Prices jumps 1 Year high level ; MCX NCDEX Tips Today

Increasingly global and domestic demand in the gold bullion market, on Tuesday the prices jumped to Rs 710. About a year later, the price of gold was over 28 thousand and today also the prices have been reached 28,585 per ten grams. 

MCX Gold prices this year is the largest one-day fast. Meanwhile, industrial demand, silver also rose to Rs 37,230 to Rs 1,180 per kg occurred.  


Why bullion Rate Increased:
- Global Market steadily increasing domestic demand for jewellery. 
- The weakening of the rupee against the dollar is expensive imports , which had an impact on prices.
- The decline in stock markets around the world , making safe investments as demand grew.
- Manufacturers of industrial and coin from the silver boom in demand. 

Gold prices rose 16.67 % from January onwards: 
- On January1 the Gold Prices were Rs 24,500 per ten gram. 
- 9 February , gold prices reached 28.585 per ten gram. 
- From January 1 to February 9 in the domestic market the prices rose by 16.67  percent 
- Bullion Market , gold rose on Tuesday, the 8th day in a row. - In the last 8 days, gold has surged to Rs 825.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

MCX Gold dull start, Slight rise in Silver | MCX Bullion Tips Today : 09 Feb

Today in the MCX Gold Market a dull start have been noticed, while silver has a slight edge. Gold rose by Rs 10 and trading at 28,468, While MCX Silver is trading at 37,280 with Rs 153/kg. 

On the Nymex , gold-silver remain in the red. Nymex gold fell $ 4 to $1,194/ounce and silver fell $ 0.02 15.39/ounce ounce.

February MCX CrudeOil contract is trading at Rs 13, Trading at 2061.But in the international market, crude is moving up. NYMEX crude up $ 0.31 to $ 30/barrel. 

SELL CRUDE OIL FEB BELOW 2060 SL ABV 2118 TGT 2018-1982.


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Monday, February 8, 2016

Gold and Silver Updates Today : 8 FEB | NCDEX & MCX Live Calls By Experts

Marriage season and strong global cues due to this prices got up in gold and silver, for the whole last week. MCX Gold surged by Rs 515, While Silver gained Rs 870.

The last day of the week, gold prices rose to 9 -month high. The last day of the week, gold rose by Rs 30 per ten grams to close at 27 770.

Monday Market Rates of MCX:

MCX Gold trading at 27,665.00 with 141.00pts or +0.51% upp.

MCX Silver is current Market price is 36,044.00 with 238.00pts and +0.66% UP.

MCX CrudeOil is tarding at 2,123.00 with fall of -34.00 pts and -1.58%.

NCDEX & MCX Live Calls By Experts: 

SELL MCX Aluminium February at 102.4-102.6, Stoploss 104, Taregt 100.
SELL NCDEX Chana Apr between 4110 – 4120, StopLoss – 4150, Target – 4040 / 4030


Friday, February 5, 2016

MCX Bullion Tips Today by Kinjal Sanghvi

Gold, trading near its highest since October on Friday, is on track to score its strongest weekly gain in a month as the U.S. dollar is pressured by growing doubts that the Federal Reserve can stick to its interest rate hike campaign.

MCX GOLD is trading at 27,441.00 with 19.00 pts and +0.07% hike. MCX Silver is trading at 35,861.00 with 32.00 pts,+0.09% up trends.

what kinjal Sanghvi say about GOld today??

SELL GOLD At 27,450.00 T1- 27,200.00, T2- 27,000.00 with SL- 27600.00

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

NCDEX Commodity Best Tips Today : 4 Feb | Experts view on Indian Agri Markets

Markets recovered strongly for most Agri counters on Wednesday after the regular bearishness seen over last one month.

Upside movement was observed mainly for the Spices sector where some good recovery was seen in NCDEX Jeera and NCDEX Turmeric after the recent massive fall.

NCDEX Chana, NCDEX Guar failed to take any strong direction but found some support here.
Oil complex too could not show any clear trend but firmness in International markets are expected to provide some upthrust to the prices.

NCDEX Commodity Tips

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

MCX Bullion Market Updates : 3 Feb 2016 | NCDEX Commodity Intraday best Tips

Today, On Wednesday the MCX CrudeOil prices are up by 1% and MCX Gold Prices are Slightly up.

On Tuesday, GOLD touched a three-month high ratio With 0.1 per cent in the international market, Gold is currently trading at 1127.5 dollars per ounce.

According to gold traders in the global equity markets are increasing pressure due to investor buying in gold.

The market is expecting a rate hike from the Federal Reserve at the moment will not be aggressive. Sentiments for gold is even better.  

NCDEX MCX Commodity Intraday best Tips :

Buy Copper February in between 313.20-.10, Stoploss 311.60, Target 314.70

Sell Soybean February in between 3785-86, Stoploss 3797, target 3765

MCX Crudeoil tips

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Indian Agri Commodity Market may tarde Volatile | Free MCX NCDEX Tips

Short term high volatility is likely to continue with a slight negative bias for Indian agri commodities as traders wait for the demand to start rising over the next few weeks.

Sentiments are bearish for the Agri-commodities as strong demand is absent amidst high arrivals in mandis which suppressed the prices.

The initial uptrend in Spices too could not be sustained as prices fell across Oil complex, Pulses and Guar. NCDEX Turmeric and NCDEX Jeera did trade at strong support levels though. But lack of export demand is keeping pressure on prices.

Free MCX NCDEX Tips :

BUY ALUMINIUM AT CMP-104.80 103.50 TGT 107

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Monday, February 1, 2016

MCX Gold and Silver up | Free NCDEX Commodity Tips Today : 1 Feb

In the last week gold - silver bull. Last week, gold surged to Rs 380. While silver gained Rs 340. In terms of gold rose this week , mostly in gold.

Wednesday gold prices crossed the 27,000 level, which was the high level of gold 3 months. The last day of week gold gained Rs 80 to close at 27,130 per ten grams.  

MCX GOLD is trading at 26,638.0, MCX SILVER is at 34,707.00 with loss of -43.00 or -0.12%. MCX CRUDEOIL at 2,252.00 with -34.00 or -1.49%.  

MCX NCDEX Intraday Tips

Free MCX NCDEX Commodity Tips :

Sell Zinc-M Feb in between 109.10-109 SL 109.40 TGT 108.10 CMP-109

Sell NCDEX Feb SoyBean between 3755 – 3765, SL – 3810, Target – 3680 / 3690