Tuesday, May 31, 2016

MCX GOLD and SILVER is Trading Low | Commodity MCX NCDEX Calls today

The drop in the international market and the domestic market, MCX Gold broke down to Rs. 800 and MCX Silver by Rs. 1300 is broken. Gold and silver, the largest weekly decline in 19 months.

It is believed in June that the US central bank is the Federal Reserve may raise interest rates. That is why its pressure on Gold and Silver prices.

MCX Gold Rs.800 and MCX Silver Rs. 1300 down

-Last Week, gold prices in the bullion market slipped a half month low of Rs 800 per ten grams to Rs 28,850 per ten grams, has arrived.

-MCX Gold Of 01 November 2014, is the largest decline since the week ended.

-The Silver prices fell by Rs 1300 to Rs 39,000 per kg fell down.

-This is the third consecutive week of decline for the domestic bullion market.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Gold, Silver, CrudeOil is @RED | Best Commodity Tips By Expert

Gold and silver prices today on selling pressure is being witnessed. June futures on MCX Gold is seeing a decline of 0.40 percent. Gold fell by Rs 111 to Rs 29,300 per ten gram, while MCX Silver futures also selling pressure continues to dominate. July futures fell by Rs 45 per kg to Rs 39,337 silver remains. 

Latest Update : MCX Gold is trading at 29,020.00 with -280.00 points or -0.96% down, MCX Silver is trading at 39,165.00 with -172.00 points or -0.44% down trend.  

MCX Crude prices on international markets, the effect of lead is being witnessed. MCX June crude futures rose by 0.76 percent to Rs 3,309 per barrel, with trades. Base metals traded mixed while being. Nickel and copper and zinc in the green remains in the red. 

NCDEX refined soya oil fell 2 percent while seeing NCDEX Chana July futures to Rs 6100 and Rs 6200 has moved beyond the August futures.

SELL ZINC MAY BELOW 122.85, STOPLOSS ABOVE 123.30, TARGET 122.55-122.20. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

NCDEX Chan to Trade Hitgher today; Commodity Best Tips

Chana futures recovered on Monday as market participants expecting supply crunch in coming months. However, reports of government to rela x VAT and other taxes weigh on spot prices. Chana futures for Jun delivery closed 0.95% higher to settle at Rs 5,950 per quintal.

However, reports of lower production and expectation of tight supplies in coming months may keep prices firm. In the third adv ance estimates (May 2016), chana production is revised downwards to 7.5 mt from 8 mt forecasted in 2 nd estimate (Feb 2016). 

MCX Gold Futures on Weak Note|Gold and Silver Update Today| MCX Bullion tip| Best NCDEX Calls

At Multi Commodity Exchange, gold prices for delivery in far-month August fell Rs 89, or 0.30 percent, to Rs 29,860 per 10 grams in business turnover of 83 lots. 

MCX Gold futures today fell 0.30 percent to Rs 29,860 per 10 grams as participants cut their bets amid a weak global trend. 

MCX Gold is trading at 29,628.00 with fall of -56.00 points or -0.19%

MCX Silver is Trading @39,495.00 with -170.00 or -0.43%

MCX CrudeOil is trading at 3,247.00 with -4.00 points or -0.12%. 

Today's MCX Call is a Sell Menthaoil Jun at Current Market Price 870, Target - 851, Stoploss - 881

Monday, May 23, 2016

Big drop in gold and silver | Commodity Best Tips for Today

Under pressure from a stronger dollar and a half percent globally over the past week due to the drop in the yellow metal in the domestic market, MCX Gold fell by Rs 375 per ten grams in a month low of Rs 29,650 arrived.

International markets fall amid local industrial demand, silver also declined 1,025 weekly one -month low of Rs 39,900 per kg reached. For the second consecutive week of decline in precious metals. However, during the week of the rupee against the dollar also slipped by one percent compared to the global markets, a low softening locally.  

Last week, the London MCX Gold spot prices weakened by 1.61 percent to $20.5 per ounce declined to 1272.7. US gold futures last trading day of the week, gold fell to $ 21.4 to $ 1252.9 per ounce was trading.

Commodity Best Tips Today :

Sell at 29630-29650 Target 29200 Stoploss 29880. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

Sugar Export Subsidies is Over | Commodity Best tips Today

Commodity best tips
Export subsidies on sugar mills is over. Centre cane price of Rs 45 per quintal subsidy scrapped government. Which has been informed by the notification issued. In view of rising sugar prices in the domestic market, the government has decided this.  

Due to Rising Price of Sugar This decision have been taken by Government. The cash-strapped sugar mills to pay dues to assist the Government in December 2015, announced the Chinese production subsidies, which are paid directly to farmers. The ministry said in a notification that production of food subsidy plan December 2,2015, was notified. 

Is withdrawn with immediate effect. According to the Chinese Ministry of Food prices rise in the wake of the plan being withdrawn. Sugar prices in the retail market at the moment are running at 35-40 per kg.  

MCX GOLD Trading @29,762.00 with -35.00 points or -0.12% Down. 
MCX Silver is Trading @39,894.00 with 54.00 points or +0.14% UP.  
MCX CRUDEOIL is Trading @3,320.00 with 41.00 points or +1.25% UP. 

Commodity Best tips Today by Experts:  

BUY ALUMINIUM B/W 104.5-104.7 TG 105.6 106.5 SL 103.4. 

BUY ZINC MAY ABOVE 125.80 STOPLOSS BELOW 124.80 TARGET 126.60-127.20.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

MCX Gold traded at Gains Today | NCDEX Best Calls Today

Spot gold was little changed at USD 1,278.65 per ounce at 0042 GMT, after gaining 0.5 percent on Tuesday. MCX Gold is trading @30,000.00 with -49.00 or -0.16%. #3:52.

US gold futures rose 0.27 percent to USD 1,280.40. MCX Gold has rallied 20 percent this year on speculation that the Fed has slowed its expected pace of rate increases on concerns over the volatility in global markets. 

SPDR Gold Trust , the world's largest gold-backed exchange-traded fund, said its holdings rose 0.56 percent to 855.89 tonnes on Tuesday, the highest since November 2013.  

MCX Silver with -374.00 points and -0.91% is trading at 40,806.00, MCX CrudeOil is trading at 3,243.00 with gains of 35.00 or +1.09%. 

MCX Gold Silver tips

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

MCX NCDEX Tips Today | Commodity Best Tips | Best Live calls

MCX Gold man Sachs estimate the improvement in crude prices continued to rise in the crude oil. During trading, crude oil has reached the 6-month high. While gold and silver have also seen gains in early trade. 

MCX GOLd is trading @29,974.00 with falls of -3.00 points and -0.01%, MCX Silver is trading at 41,064.00 with 77.00 points and +0.19% up. MCX CRUDEOIL is at 41,064.00 with 77.00 points and +0.19% up.

Best Live calls :


Monday, May 16, 2016

MCX Crude Prices Rose by 1.5 percent, MCX NCDEX Tips Today

MCX Crude prices in the global market has been about 1.5 percent. With 1.5 percent to $48 a barrel, prices have been exceeded. Increased tensions in Nigeria and Venezuela's support to crude prices.

In such an environment can have an effect on the supply of crude. MCX Crude prices on the domestic market jumped 1 percent to Rs 3,130.  

Lethargy in base metals:
Base metals slowdown trend is being witnessed. Copper fell 0.1 percent is trading below Rs 310. Nickel 0.1 percent to Rs 580 has arrived with osteoporosis. Lead and zinc is 0.2 percent. However, with aluminum rose 0.2 percent to Rs 103. Agri commodities, while soybean futures for July 4090 with a gain of 1 percent.  

Gold glitter:

Stand fast in gold prices in the global market in 1280 gold dollar is gone. Simultaneously Silver also gained 1 percent . MCX gold in the domestic market with a gain of 0.25 percent to close at Rs 30,100. However, silver has rallied strongly. MCX Silver is trading at 41,330.00 with 356.00 or +0.87% up.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Agri Commoldity Market Tips Today | NCDEX Soyabean Calls

Short term trend in Agri commodity Market looks volatile with a moderately bearish trend emerging for most agri counters from improved rainfall prospects in coming days. 

NCDEX Soybean futures closed flat as the prices tries to consolidate in current price levels as pre - season rains have arrived in largest soybean producing state of M P. Soybean Jun’16 contract closed 0.02 % higher to settle at Rs. 4,0 37 per quintal. 

NCDEX Soyabean Tips

We expect Soybean prices to trade sideways to down on anticipation of muted physical demand coupled with dwindling in supplies the spot markets. However, higher edible oil imports and lower meal export may keep the prices in check. 


Thursday, May 12, 2016

12 May 2016, MCX Gold Silver to Trade Lower Today

Today, The MCX Gold and Silver is expected to trade at lower rates today. MCX Gold April contract declined slightly around 0.1 percent yesterday. The yellow metal touched an intra-day low of Rs27,958/10 gms and ended at the level of Rs28,085/10 gms on Tuesday. 

MCX Gold is trading @29,865.00 with -70.00 or -0.23% down.  

On the MCX, Silver March contract dropped around 0.4 percent yesterday and touched an intra-day low of Rs56,220/kg. The white metal ended its trading session at the level of Rs56,416/kg on Tuesday. 

MCX Silver is Trading at 41,325.00 with 59.00 or +0.14% up. 

Intraday Call for Today Commodity Market by Expert is SELL MCX GOLD M JUNE BELOW 29821, STOPLOSS ABOVE 30045, TARGET 29710, 29550. INTRADAY TARGET 29770-60 

MCX Gold Silver Tips

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Stock Market closing Update | Commodity Best Tips

The market ended lower on Mauritius tax treaty. The Sensex slipped 175.51 points or 0.7 percent at 25597.02, and the Nifty ended 38.95 points or 0.5 percent at 7848.85  

Gainer and Loser for the Day : 

Axis Bank, Asian Paints, Maruti, NTPC and L&T were gainers while Bharti Airtel, SBI, Dr Reddy's Labs, Tata Motors and BHEL were losers in the Sensex.  

commodity Market Tips Today by Experts: 


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

MCX Daily Update; Commodity Best Tips by Experts

Supplies has been noted in the mcx Gold Jun contract after a bull run that has taken prices.The prices closed at Rs 29922 per 10 grams on 6 May 2016, against Rs 29991 per 10 grams on 3 May 2016. Gold is forming an evening star pattern that is bearish reversal and means that the prices can see further downside. 

The prices moved below important levels of Rs 30000 per 10 grams. A further move away from Rs 30K would be bearish for Gold as the bears will grow strong.

MCX CrudeOil futures faced gains after fourth consecutive day of declines. The prices have seen downtick in the last four outings from breakout stage which means that the breach of Rs 3000 per barrel as resistance again gets tough. The formation of three black crows in Crude Oil is indicator of trend reversal and minor recoveries will not be fruitful to tame this fall. 

The commodity is expected to move towards Rs 2850 per barrel that is again a important level because breach of this will open new avenues of selling. For medium term, supports for Crude Oil are at Rs 2853 and 2820 per barrel. Last night prices closed at Rs 2948 per barrel down 1.62%. Resistance is so far intact at Rs 2985 per barrel. The prices tested a high of Rs 2959 per barrel and a low of Rs 2944 per barrel.  

A bearish reversal pattern is in the making in the prices of Copper. Copper declined from the resistance zones yet again and the trend continued till Thursday. MCX Copper on Thursday ended at Rs 319.10 per kg, down 2% against levels of Rs 325 per kg seen in the trading close on Wednesday. 

The trend reversal in Copper is confirmed with breach of Rs 320 on the lower side. Copper is expected to get resisted at Rs 320 and 322 per kg. Supports for Copper are at Rs 315 and 312 per kg. Breaching this level will mean further towards Rs 306 per kg. The prices tested levels of Rs 325.35 per kg as highs and Rs 318.5 per kg as a low.

SoyBean Jun NCDEX - Sell at 4067-4069, Target-4020, Stoploss-4090

Friday, May 6, 2016

On Akshaya Tritiya MCX Gold sales will be down|NCDEX Tips Today

This time on the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya gold and silver sales increasing every year. But the lack of market demand and rising gold prices has raised concerns in the jewelers. 

Due to the rising price of gold on Akshaya Tritiya traders believe that this time will reduce their sales compared to last year.  

Why not boost sales: 

All India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation Chairman GV Sreedhar Hfke before the gold prices in February increased from Rs 26,930 to Rs 30,050 per ten grams has been occurred. 

So, this time on the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya unlikely to look too much shopping. Sridhar said the market sentiment remains positive. But due to the rising price of gold has decreased demand for expensive jewelry. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

MCX CrudeOil is 2 Percent Up, MCX Gold beyond $ 1280

MCX Crude prices in the global market is recorded. On the NYMEX WTI crude rose above 44.5 jumped per $2. Brent crude has gained 1.5 percent. With 1.5 percent of Brent crude has risen beyond $45. MCX Crude on the domestic market is at Rs. 2980 with approximately 2.75 percent giant leap has been reached.  

Gold continues to be strong: 
Global markets are seeing strength in gold and silver. Comaks 0.5 percent of gold is trading above $1280. Comaks while silver prices have reached $ 17.4. MCX gold in the domestic market rose by 0.4 percent is trading at Rs 30 110. With 0.5 per cent growth, while silver rose to Rs 41,500.  

Base metals fall: 
MCX Copper fell 0.2 percent and arrived at Rs 325. While nickel weakened by 0.5 percent and arrived to Rs 627. While zinc is about 0.5 percent down. Agri commodities, while looking ahead to the cumin and sugar is too strong. While NCDEX sugar is also strong. While NCDEX sugar futures for July with a gain of 0.75 percent reached at Rs 3,560. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Agri commodity Market Update | Best NCDEX Calls for Today

Dhaniya traded range bound: 
Dhaniya traded in range bound throughout the trading session. Spot markets are likely to witness limited supply of quality crops, which may attract good buying from the traders. Dry spell in the growing regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan may further support the price. On the other hand extended profit booking may limit the gains during the day. We recommend buy dhaniya futures for today’s trading session. 

Chana prices is high due to higher demand: 
NCDEX Chana futures gains yesterday as physical demand continue to increase on lower domestic supplies. Spot prices too gain due to good spot demand. Chana is in bullish note due to strong fundamental factors. Chana trade ended the day at RS. 5525 per quintal which is approx 2.05% up against its previous close. We recommend buy chana from lower levels for today’s trading session.  

Jeera futures are traded positive: 
NCDEX Jeera futures gain previous week due to good physical demand as there is concern over the production and good export demand. Assumption of some crop damage due to the extended dry spell in the growing regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan may further support the price. Jeera trade ended the day at RS. 17400 per quintal which is approx 0.43% down against its previous close. For today’s trading session we recommend buy jeera at lower levels.

Best NCDEX Calls for Today:
Intraday BUY MCX GOLD@ 30390.00, Target: 30500.00, Stop-loss: 30328.00